About Jennifer & KNAPSACK

Modern, casual, and full of evolving talent, Jennifer Little—KNAPSACK proprietor—has a strong eye for design, which plays an impactful role in her style. She is always looking at the full scope of design elements when putting together a perfectly curated lifestyle. She has the uncanny ability to pull out every client’s beauty and style. Jennifer’s fun-loving, playful approach makes clients welcome and instantly at home. Regardless of medium, she utilizes color, texture and pattern in a fresh, soft, clean way. 

Raised in Georgia, Jennifer has an appreciation for country life and city living. Born on the coast in Darien, she played outside on the rope swing and hunted for snails in the Georgia marshes.

A few years later she moved to Athens and then in 1987 she moved to Peachtree City to begin various entrepreneurial endeavors in the neighborhood. Months later, Ryan Little moved into the same cul-de-sac and elementary school love was alive. Choosing Furnishings and Interiors at the University of Georgia was a natural fit for Jen’s love of photography and design. Jennifer and her husband Ryan, made stops in Starkville, Mississippi and Tallahassee, Florida where their children Luke and Emory were born. Now calling Fort Collins home, Jennifer spent her first four years locally growing her photography business, which began in Florida. Bringing together interior design, fashion, and photography is the perfect culmination of talents and dreams for KNAPSACK.

KNAPSACK is a home & supply store that provides curated goods for your everyday living. Concentrating on both beauty and function, KNAPSACK embraces the motto ‘Less House, More Home’ with a collection of quality textiles and décor, unique accessories and tableware for entertaining, and little apothecary luxuries.
Located in a former Saddle Shop on the Jessup Farmstead in Fort Collins, Colorado and adjacent to our sister store, HEYDAY ― KNAPSACK features a thoughtful mix of accessories and décor designed to cozy up your home. We believe that everyday living isn’t about following rules ― it’s about incorporating pieces that you love into your home by blending simplicity with luxury, old with new, large with small, fun with serious. KNAPSACK provides products that are truly timeless and always inspiring to help you make your home its own.


Zara DeGroot

Zara DeGroot is always excited to meet new people and have a good time, and considers it a good day when balloons are involved. You will often find her drinking a warm cup of coffee, reading, and dreaming of one day owning hypo-allergenic horses. She has been with the HEYDAY team since spring of 2016, and has high hopes of pursuing creative endeavors for the rest of her life.

Mekinzi Douglas

Meet Mekinzi Douglas! You can usually find her on her second cup of coffee and jamming in her car. Although many of her days involve working with kiddos, she has many passions. As a kid, she wrote a fashion article for her local paper- leggings were all the rage! Nowadays, she uses her sense of fashion to help customers feel beautiful in the clothes they wear.

Ashleigh Downer

Ashleigh Downer, a Virginia-born, California-raised outdoor enthusiast found herself home in Fort Collins, CO in the summer of 2016. She lives with a passion for laughter and an appreciation for the present. When not pursuing her self-professed Netflix obsession, you can find her hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park, daydreaming of puppies, reading in coffee shops, and hunting down the next best cinnamon roll.

Kristie Dunnigan

Kristie Dunnigan is passionate about working with women and survivors of human trafficking. Kristie has spent the last 4 years lending her skill in design to the issue of trafficking by building employment programs and now works on the rescue side with girls age 3-16. Kristie is passionate about building strong brands that impact lives and using her love of fashion and design for the greater good.

Cne McCrum

Cne McCrum, a native to Colorado with an extreme appreciation for all things unique, much like her name. She’s dedicated to helping people self express there individuality confidently through style.

Jackie Nunnally

Jackie Nunnally grew up in the Loveland, Colorado and is now a student at Colorado State University studying Apparel & Merchandising. Jackie loves being able to get outside and traveling. Jackie is enthusiastic about traveling and all forms of creativity and expression such as fashion, photography, and music. Jackie says fashion is a form of expression and she believes in dressing to match her ambition. Her personal style is described as pretty simple; she likes earthy and neutral color tones, loose yet flattering silhouettes, and once in a while she will throw in a few statement pieces to spice up her life. Jackie aims to serve others, therefore she enjoys helping customers find the right outfit; she is always thrilled when they leave feeling confident in themselves and their new outfits.

Michelle Petrie

Michelle Petrie is an enthusiastic, fun-loving, and outgoing girl with Canadian roots, but calls Colorado her home. She grew up in Loveland, Colorado and has been living in Fort Collins now for 4 years. She is the one and only daughter to two wonderful parents. When she has time she loves activities and loves to get outdoors, whether that be camping, hiking, or simply enjoying our amazing Rocky Mountains. She is currently a Senior at Colorado State University, studying Apparel & Merchandising. Fashion has always been a passion of hers ever since she started watching "What Not to Wear" back in middle school. Her ultimate goal in the way she lives her life is to authentically love people and serve them on a day to day basis and never let a dog pass her without giving them attention!

Allison Song

Allison Song moved to Fort Collins last year with her husband and two dogs from Atlanta, GA. She is a freelance wedding florist who dreams of owning her own flower farm one day. She is passionate about aesthetics and beauty in all shapes and forms, from fashion to food. If she is not playing with flowers, you can catch her working on creative projects for HEYDAY/KNAPSACK or serving wine + cheese at The Welsh Rabbit.

Janelle VanDyke

Meet Janelle VanDyke! She’s three semesters away from graduating at CSU with a BS in Apparel and Merchandising and a concentration in Product Development. She loves espresso, ice cream, and puppers. She also enjoys crafting whenever she gets a chance- which mainly includes painting and needle punching. She tries her best to turn her awkwardness into humor and clumsiness into grace. Feel free to be yourself around her and never hesitate to ask for style advice.

Claire Whitworth-Folsom

Claire Whitworth-Folsom is from Fort Collins, Colorado. She grew up in the Midwest and has a husband named Dan and an adorable vizsla border collie mix named Misty. Claire loves working at KNAPSACK/HEYDAY because she gets to work with such a creative group of individuals. For fun, she host a food blog with her husband called Savoring Fort Collins where she and Dand try new recipes and enjoy meals around town.