2016 was an outstanding year for us, and we hope it was for you as well. KNAPSACK opened its doors on November 1, and well, the rest is history. To complement the in-store experience, we will now be blogging weekly to further share with you easy-living essentials that will inspire you to live simply + authentically. Thank YOU for joining us on this incredible journey!

A new year means new goals. Wherever you’re at with your resolutions, it’s always important to spend some time reflecting on the year that has passed and welcoming the new season. What better way to do that than to spend a quiet day in with your favorite throw and a relaxing candle? 

Today we want to help you create the perfect space to clear you mind before entering the hustle + bustle of 2017. So, here are five items from KNAPSACK that will help you unwind, reflect and put your best foot forward this coming year!

Ora Teapot + Tea

Do you ever crave tea so badly, but can’t seem to muster the energy for the entire process of properly steeping loose leaf tea? We’re with you. Tea lovers, meet your new best friend: the Ora Teapot. Simply put the loose leaf tea into the double-walled glass pot and pour hot water over it. The removable wire strainer on the spout filters the tea leaves when you pour. Have you heard of anything more user-friendly? Fill up your Ora teapot with the Malavar Tonic herbal tea from Bindle Coffee {it’s our favorite tea here at HEYDAY!} and let the herbal goodness melt your stress away.

Ora Teapot Bindle Coffee Malavar Tonic Tea 

Creamware Half Pint Mason Jar 

You’re going to need a place to pour that tea. We paired our Malavar Tonic Tea with these dainty mason jars. They are a fun switcheroo from your everyday coffee mug, and they will keep your tea just as warm while you sip it. Wrap your hands around the small jar to keep your cold fingers warm. When you’re done using it for your tea, these jars can be reused as vases for fresh flowers the next day. They are lovely and multipurpose!

Creamware Half Pint Jar

Boy Smells Candle 

It’s not a cozy day at home without a candle, of course! Have you smelled the Boy Smells candles we carry at KNAPSACK? If not, you need to make that a priority. One of our favorite scents is Kush — a soft blend of cannabis, suede, white musk, tulip and amber. The floral scent will lightly fill your space, producing a soft + relaxing aroma. Brighten up your indoor environment with this candle, and be sure to stop in KNAPSACK to take a whiff of the other scents.

Boy Smell Kush Candle

Baby Alpaca Throw

What better way to enjoy your tea + candle than with a warm baby alpaca throw? Snuggle up to this Guacha Throw, and you will instantly feel at ease. Truly, there is no other blanket as soft as this. Once you touch it, you will want to burry yourself in its cozy goodness. This blanket, which is made in Peru of baby alpaca wool, is light, soft and luxurious, so use it as a decorative throw on your couch or bed when you aren’t styling it as a scarf. We carry several colors so come in and pick your favorite!

Guacha Baby Alpaca Throw

Appointed Notebook

You simply can’t start a new year without a fresh notebook. There’s something so exhilarating about opening up an empty notebook with the intention of filling it with your goals and resolutions, dreams, stories and yes, even grocery lists! These Appointed Notebooks are an absolute hit here at KNAPSACK. They are perfect for everyday journaling, self-reflecting and note-taking, so toss it into your bag every morning and you’re good to go!

We also should not go without noting that Gabrielle Berstein's THE UNIVERSE HAS YOUR BACK is a great January read and will have you thinking positively in no time!


 Stendig Calendar 

Aside from a fresh Appointed Notebook, the most critical item to get your hands on at the beginning of the new year is a calendar. Not only are calendars incredibly practical {yes, even in this digital age!}, but they also serve as adorable decoration around your house. Here at KNAPSACK we sell the Stendig Wall Calendars. Designed with enlarged graphics, this 12-month calendar is simple yet gorgeous enough to be used to spruce up your space. Each month switches from white to black. Add some life to that empty wall in your living room or bedroom and feel organized in style with your very own Stendig Calendar!

Stendig Calendar

Thank you so much for joining us as we embark on the adventures of the KNAPSACK Blog! Let us know what you think, and tell us what you'd like to see. 


Writing / Zara DeGroot

Photography / Jennifer Little

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