3 Productivity Tools!

Welcome back to the KNAPSACK blog! We hope you all had a wonderful and well rested holiday season. We are already a month into the new year (what?!) and although most new year's resolutions get ditched a few weeks later, we are all about being productive and setting goals at our own pace! 

With the new year, we have also welcomed a lot of new products to the shop. We are excited to share 3 of our favorite productivity tools to help you dream, plan, and set goals for 2018!

1. Task Pad

This beautiful notepad has a letterpressed cover and 80 lined sheets with checkboxes to help you stay on task each and every day! And did you know if you spend a few minutes jotting down the next day's "To Do List" right before you sleep, it could help you doze off a little faster? Every minute counts, right? ;)  

2. Wooden Calendar

This unique and stylish calendar has 4 individual wooden spools for you to customize to any day of the year. We love that it doubles up as beautiful home decor and allows you to be mindful of a fresh new start as you change it each day.

3. Delfonics Pen

It always helps to have a sleek and fun tool to get you excited for jotting down lists and tasks. These mini ballpoint pens by Delfonics are so well designed and made that you'll find any excuse to use them. They have a classic hexagonal pencil shape and a metal clip so you can throw them on your notebook/planner without having to rummage through your bag. 

We have many more products to browse in our online shop or in person to help you get productive this year! What are some of your big dreams and goals for 2018? Drop a comment below - we'd love to hear about them!



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